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TooFar Media is a multimedia production company that creates immersive storytelling experiences combining book, music, art, animation and video. Founded over twenty years ago by author, musician, composer and producer Rich Shapero, the company collaborates with renowned artists from around the globe, including Grammy award-winning musicians and producers, mind-blowing visual artists and talented animators.
Discover Eleven Fantastic Storyworlds:

1. Beneath Caaqi's Wings: Join a girl on the cusp of womanhood in a primeval jungle, and brave a descent into our dark origins.

2. Dreams of Delphine: Fathom the uncanny wisdom and power of dream space.

3. The Slide That Buried Rightful: Wake to a new understanding of earthly, and unearthly, justice.

4. Dissolve: Dare to accompany a man with unusual beliefs in his rapturous transition between life and death.

5. Island Fruit Remedy: Surrender to an outrageous tropical burlesque about the creative act of finding and keeping love.

6. Balcony of Fog: Cast off into the clouds to experience the conflict between the power of love and the love of power.

7. Rin, Tongue and Dorner: Take a fiery, hyper-metaphorical ride into the red-hot depths of buried passion and the combustible inner workings of human desire.

8. Arms from the Sea: Plunge into an oceanic “heaven” and let a perverse, tentacled god challenge your trust as he guides you toward the redemption of a desolate world.

9. The Hope We Seek: Dare to descend with a mercurial goddess into the depths of an allegorical gold mine to unearth the redemptive power of passion and belief.

10. Too Far: Explore a mystical northern forest and discover the promise and cruelty of what it means to grow up.

11. Wild Animus: Leap into a wild visionary landscape where a meeting with a seismic god augurs a bliss beyond fear.

About the founder, author, musician and composer:

Rich Shapero’s novels—all available in this app—dare readers with giant metaphors, magnificent obsessions and potent ideas. His seekers, alongside readers, grapple with revealing truths about human potential.

Features include:

• Fully integrated music and video players

• Over 100 original tracks written by Rich Shapero, Elsiane, Orenda Fink (Azure Ray) and Lhasa de Sela, featuring vocals by Marissa Nadler, Maria Taylor, Orenda Fink, Hollie Fullbrook, and musical contributions from Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes), Marc Ribot (John Zorn/Tom Waits), Son of Dave (Crash Test Dummies), Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart/PJ Harvey), El Búho, Nils Petter Molvær and more

• Stunning high-res art by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Donald Pass, François Burland, Adde Russell, Hilary Brace, Ramón Alejandro, Cameron Nelson, Paul Rumsey and Dean Buchanan

• Arresting art animations by Tomas Cottle, Tavet Gillson, Janelle Miau and Andres Fouché

• Hi-res videos featuring natural (and unnatural) phenomena as well as pundits from various fields discussing core ideas of Dreams of Delphine and Balcony of Fog

• Bonus short story related to Dissolve

• Bonus audio tracks including “Wild Animus: 50 Years Later”; “Hard Trials, Great Tribulations” by Mt. Zion Baptist Quartet; “Mister Moon” demo by Rich Shapero; “Does Presden Deserve Delphine?” by Rich Shapero, with Orenda Fink, Maria Taylor and Sally Dworsky (vocals); and “The Royal Express” by Rich Shapero (composer/guitar/vocals)

• Bonus album, The Slide That Buried Rightful: The Music

• Bonus video featuring Elsiane's live performance of a track from Rin, Tongue and Dorner

• Bonus animation “Storm” by Tomas Cottle

• Q&As with the author for all titles

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